The Team

Steve Abear: One of the principal partners of The College Park Printing Company is no stranger to the printing industry. Steve began his career in printing some 30+ years ago, sweeping floors and cleaning equipment. The transition to sales was originally a reluctant one. “I had been working at a local print shop for a while and was promoted to manager, and then to an area manager. The man who originally hired me convinced me that my strength was in sales. He said if I thought of it as being the caretaker of the client, making decisions based on the needs of the customer, that sales would come naturally. Since that was the part of the job I enjoyed the most, he was right!” Long time College Park residents, and owners of Dahlquist Printing in Orlando, Diane and George Dahlquist also noticed Steve’s natural easy-going rapport with people. Steve went to work for Dahlquist Printing and stayed for 24 years. George and Diane have since retired, and Dahlquist Printing was sold in 2012. Making the decision to open an independent print shop was exciting and risky. “The risk has more to do with the state of our nation than anything else, having a committed and supportive crew ready to take the risk with me, made the decision easy.” “I love being a part of a close knit community, and cannot think of a better neighborhood location to have a business than College Park.”


Roger Torres: To say that printing is in the blood of Roger Torres is an understatement. Rogers’ father, and uncle both owned and operated their own printing businesses since the 1950’s in their native Puerto Rico. After serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, Roger returned to Puerto Rico and also pursued life in the printing industry. After 10 years, Roger moved his family to Florida, and was hired by George Dahlquist to run the press room. Quality is key for Roger, and the customer always comes first. “We’re here to stay! I have worked with these guys a long time, and we still like each other!”


Marko Mendoza: Our official College Park Printing computer nerd! He knows the ins and outs of just about every computer software situation, be it Mac or PC. Marko started his techie career shortly after moving to Florida. While nearing the end of his vo-tech school, he got his first job in computers. “I had to change my schedule to finish school at night, so I could work as a computer tech during the day.” Marko started as an assembly technician and installing software. He eventually was promoted to Manager and was responsible for Tech Support for the Law Enforcement Software division. One of his responsibilities was a Software developer, where he did Beta Testing and also traveled all over the country performing On-Site Training. Marko decided to change gears a bit and returned to college to receive an Associates in Graphic Design and after graduation, moved to the Orlando area. This creative background enables Marko to understand the creative-to-print transition that is important when working with designers from varied backgrounds. Marko’s varied talents have served him well. For 19 years, five of which were with Dahlquist Printing, he has enjoyed every aspect of the printing industry from graphics to customer service to management, and enjoys working with the many clients it offers. “There is never a dull moment!” Originally from Louisiana, Marko teases that he is working on his first novel, “The Art of Rambling: How To Talk Continuously For Hours.” “it’s a skill really,” says Marko, “one I have cultivated for most of my life.”


Damaris Degen is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. Degree in Graphic Design. She has over 20 years experience in the Graphics, Large Format and multimedia industry. She’s also an adjunct professor at Valencia Community College located in Orlando, FL East campus teaching Illustration and design for the past 14 years.

Damairs is also very active in the cosplay community and a member of an organization called “Costumers with a Cause” dedicated to volunteer their time for charities such as, Toys for Tots, BASE Camp children with cancer, Nathanial’s Hope, ALS Walk; to just name a few.

Other hobbies and special interest include, but not limited to, are weight lifting, sci-fi movies and conventions, sculpting and mold/casting, armor making, drawing, painting and being a mother to two amazing twin boys.

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